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ISBN 0-571-51324-7

The Snowman's Song
When The Snow Falls Softly Down
Gobble! Gobble! Gobble! Gobble! Gobble!
The Australian Father Christmas
Hum Hum Hum
I Love All The Fruit
The Parrot Song
The Fat Fat Farmer
The Farmyard Tango
The Donkey Can-Can
Sleepy Sheep
A Flock Of Fat Flamingoes
Will A Willow
Up In A Big Balloon
Wait For The Wagon
Clickety Clack
My Bike
The Road To Banbury
A Magpie Sitting On A Broken Chair
King Wastelot & the Right Royal
Rubbish Dump

Musical Mystery Tour Songbook

Hilary James & Simon Mayor
21 Songs from the Musical Mystery Tour albums with easy piano parts and guitar chords.

By train, tractor, bicycle or even hot-air balloon - the Musical Mystery Tour introduces you to a lively collection of characters and places.

Discover snowmen and kings, parrots and flamingoes, sleepy sheep and weeping willows - and even a donkey who can't-can't do the can-can!

These delightful, witty songs are guaranteed to capture the imagination, and will be enjoyed by children of all ages - from 4 to 104!

Hilary James and Simon Mayor have written and performed songs for a wide range of radio and television programmes, and work regularly with children's audiences. 

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Press Reviews

'Hilary James and Simon Mayor's CD of the same name has been the most heavily played recording in our household (before children's bedtime) since I received it for review two years ago and the timely publication of these "fun songs for children from 4-104"comes just as my children take their first tentative steps in learning to read and play music.

The lyrics are extremely enjoyable (their wit is equally amusing to children and adults) and the tunes as infectious as anything your children are likely to bring into the house. The quality of Hilary and Simon's performance enhanced the appeal of their music on CD and cassette, and the presentation of the book continues in that vein. From Hilary's colourful cover and the spirited cartoons to the clearly laid out music and lyrics the whole thing is a pleasure to read and to play.

All this plus snippets of information about balloons and Australia, advice on actions to accompany the songs and inducements to improvise the music make this an essential publication for all those who entertain children either professionally or parentally.'

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